I always wanted to be a writer.  Well, at least every since I learned to write.  When I was in the third grade I wrote a story.  It was a long story, with lots and lots of details and filled a spiral bound notebook.  It was about a girl and a horse – probably more of a journal about the life I wished I had rather than an actual story.  I gave it to my teacher, Mrs. Born, to read.  She gave it back to me with helpful comments.  The one that stands out in my mind was something like “What’s the point of this story?  You have a beginning and a middle, but no end.”

In 5th grade I wrote a play for a class production.  It was an exciting maritime adventure, filled with pirates and sword fighting.  Again, I struggled to write a good conclusion, so I abruptly introduced a tidal wave that washed everyone overboard.  The End.

Fiction is clearly not my strong suit.  However, I still like to write.



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