Going in circles

I spent a month this summer experimenting with circles. For 30 days I stitched three-dimensional circles in a variety of sizes using herringbone stitch, right-angle weave, and tubular peyote stitch. Right-angle weave worked best for small circles, but ultimately tubular peyote stitch gave me the structure I sought.

Circles are an optimistic shape, with no real beginning and no obvious end. I stitched one for every member of my family – 55 circles. I like to string dscf1469multiples of the circles on a herringbone stitch chain to wear. ¬†Sometimes I load up all 55 circles. Most of the time, I wear anywhere from 24 – 36 circles at a time. ¬†Occasionally, when I’m feeling blue, I only wear two circles; one to represent my father and one for my sister, Beth, both of whom have passed away.




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